1943 – USS Duane Signaling Navy Blimp

In this image, we have a US Navy blimp signaling the USS Duane. If you look closely at the blimp, you can see that it has a signaling light turned on. Unfortunately, the location date and photographer are completely unknown. This photograph was among others that were labeled 1943 North Atlantic, so that would be our best assumption as to the date and location.

After doing some research, I believe this is what is called a “K Class” blimp. In looking at Navy Squadrons that flew during World War II, it is likely that this was part of the ZP-12 which hunted German U-Boats in the North Atlantic. Another possibility is that this was part of the ZP-14 squad, which sailed in North Africa. If anyone has any information about joint Navy and Coast Guard convoys during WWII, I would be very interested in hearing about them.

1943 - USS Duane Signaling Navy Blimp


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