1944 – USS Duane Escorting USS Franklin Aircraft Carrier

In this image, the USS Franklin can be seen from aboard the USS Duane. According to a site dedicated to the USS Franklin, the ship spent a majority of its time in World War II in the Pacific. The ship has an unbelievable history of it’s own – it was the closest US carrier to the Japanese mainland, and was attacked by a┬áJapanese┬áplane. During the attack, 724 crew members were killed and 265 were wounded. Amazingly, the battle torn ship did not sink and eventually made it’s way back to New York. It has been called “The ship that wouldn’t die”.

In looking at the USS Franklin’s history – it was on the East Coast of the United States an sailed to Trinidad in March of 1944. It is likely that this photograph was taken during this time as it was in the Pacific thereafter – while the USS Duane was in Europe. The photographer of this image is unknown as Dale Rooks wasn’t on the ship during the time period this was believed to be taken.

USS Duane Escorting USS Franklin Aircraft Carrier

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