1945 – “Sack Time” for Baker, Rooks and Schaefer aboard the USCG USS Duane

This is one of the few photographs from John Baker’s Warbook that features both John Baker and Dale Rooks together. This is presumably because Rooks was often behind the camera for most of the photos.┬áIt is not known who stepped in to take this photograph, but it was amongst a series that were given to my grandfather by Rooks. It was likely taken in 1945 while the USCG USS Duane was docked in Bizerte, Tunisia.

This photograph also features Schaefer, who was a Pharmacists Mate, alongside my grandfather. He appears in several photographs later in the Warbook. If any readers out there know any more information about Ph. M. Schafer, please post it up here.

From top to bottom the men are Ph. M. John Baker, Pho. M. Dale Rooks and Ph. M. Schaefer (first name unknown).

1945 - "Sack Time" for Baker, Rooks and Schaefer aboard the USS Duane


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