1945 – USS Duane Captain Awards Crew Members in North Africa

Within the Warbook, this photograph is labeled “Awards handed out by Captain of Duane to members of crew – North Africa, 1945”. I believe this photo was taken at the base in Bizerte, Tunisia. The boat in the background behind the crew is definitely the USS Duane, as it has the number 33 towards the bow. If looking at the overhead image, I believe that this was taken on the peninsula at the top of the picture.

1945 - USS Duane Captain Awards Crew Members in North Africa

There are a couple of mysteries with this photograph that I have been unable to figure out. First, who was the captain who was handing out the images? The official USCG history lists CAPT Robert C. Jewell, Jul 1943 – May 1945. However, the only captain’s photograph within the Warbook lists “Captain Moore” 1944-1945. The only mention of the last name “Moore” within the official USCG history lists CDR Harold C. Moore, with no dates attached.

The second mystery is who actually took the photograph. It is bound within the Warbook near other photographs that were taken by Dale Rooks. However, the photographer on the ground in the middle of the photograph bares a striking resemblance to Rooks. That being said, this may have been taken by an unknown photographer.

I believe John Baker is the 16th man (5th man in Dress Blues) from the left in the main row facing towards this camera. I believe the man directly left of him is Ph. M. Schaefer, who is in future images in the Warbook. If there are any other men who can be identified, please comment here.

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