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August 1944 – Ammunition Ship Hit by Torpedo off Southern France

This image shows what is likely an American or German ammunition ship being hit by a torpedo off Southern France. This image was taken from the Coast Guard cutter ship USS Duane. Based on the dates when other pictures similar … Continue reading

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1943 – USS Duane Signaling Navy Blimp

In this image, we have a US Navy blimp signaling the USS Duane. If you look closely at the blimp, you can see that it has a signaling light turned on. Unfortunately, the location date and photographer are completely unknown. … Continue reading

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April 1943 – Coast Guard rescues men from destroyed Nazi U-Boat

This next photograph from the John Baker’s Warbook is the only one that I have found reproduced anywhere else as it is officially USCG photo 1591. This  The photo is of Nazi soldiers being helped aboard a Coast Guard cutter … Continue reading

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1944 – USS Duane Escorting USS Franklin Aircraft Carrier

In this image, the USS Franklin can be seen from aboard the USS Duane. According to a site dedicated to the USS Franklin, the ship spent a majority of its time in World War II in the Pacific. The ship … Continue reading

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April 1944 – Easter sunrise service aboard the USS Duane

This photograph was taken Easter Sunday, April 9th, 1944 aboard the USS Duane. If you look closely, you will see a cross at the bow of the boat, behind a chaplain reading from a bible. I find this photograph particularly beautiful, with … Continue reading

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