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I greatly apologize for the lack of updates to this site recently. Some very interesting things have happened because of this site, and I wanted to share a new project that I have been involved in.

In Spring of 2013, I was contacted by Jan Rooks – the son of Dale Rooks, who’s photographs are so prominently featured on this website. After exchanging several Emails, we had a chance to meet up in August of 2013, and I was able learn that Dale had completed two full photo books from his time in the USCG during WWII.

Jan and his daughter have been photographing and documenting all of the photographs from these two books. I have had the honor of helping develop the website where both of these photo books are now on display.

I invite you to visit www.dalerooks.org for one of the most amazing collections of photographs I have ever seen.

Dale Rooks aboard the USCG Duane

Dale Rooks aboard the USCG Duane

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