December 1943 – USS Duane at Port in Trinidad

This is a photograph of the USS Duane at port in Trinidad. According to the official ship history, the USS Duane was docked there twice. The first visit was between December 10-17, 1944  and the second being from December 25-30. It is not known who took this photograph, as Dale Rooks was probably not assigned to the Duane yet.

December 1943 - The USS Duane at Port in Trinidad

Here is the official ship history:

On November 28th the Duane stood out of Boston in company with  Campbell and arrived at Guantanamo Bay on December 2nd.  On the 4th she was underway with a Dutch warship and four PCs as escort for convoy GAT-103 en route Trinidad, B.W.I.  On the 7th the Aruba section of five ships detached as did the Dutch warship.  An SC escorted two vessels to Curacao while an unescorted ship from Curacao joined.  On the 9th the convoy entered Bocas de Dragon swept channel and on the 10th moored at Trinidad.

Underway on 17 December 1943, as Commander, Task Unit 4.1.2, two sound contacts were made and lost on 19 December and a two-ship anti-submarine search plan commenced.  Later an area was searched in which a plane had reported contact with a submarine.  On the 20th medical aid was rendered for an Argentia vessel contacted.  On the 22nd the escort vessels detached from the convoy and the Duane after refueling at Santa Lucia returned to Trinidad on the 25th.  On the 30th she was underway escorting convoy TAG-106 as Commander Task Group 26.4 with four PC boats.

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