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1945 – “Sack Time” for Baker, Rooks and Schaefer aboard the USCG USS Duane

This is one of the few photographs from John Baker’s Warbook that features both John Baker and Dale Rooks together. This is presumably because Rooks was often behind the camera for most of the photos.┬áIt is not known who stepped … Continue reading

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1945 – Members of USCG USS Duane Crew with Shaved Heads

In this photograph, members of the USCG USS Duane are showing off their new haircuts sometime in 1945. This picture was likely taken by Dale Rooks as he would have been aboard the ship at this time. Unfortunately, I cannot … Continue reading

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1945 – Morning exercises for members of 8th Fleet, North Africa

This photograph was taken while the 8th Fleet was stationed in Bizerte, Tunisia likely in the Spring of 1945. This image was believed to have been taken by Dale Rooks, although it was not signed or stamped by him. The … Continue reading

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1945 – Admiral Hewitt of 8th Fleet Awards USS Duane Heroes

In this photograph, Admiral H. Kent Hewitt of the 8th Fleet can be seen giving out awards to the heroes from the USS Duane. Admiral Hewitt was previously aboard the Duane where he and Admiral Lowry took part in “Operation … Continue reading

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September 1944 – Soldier gets “bunny ears” from French woman

In this photograph, we have an unidentified soldier getting “bunny ears” from a French woman. Judging by her attire and the attire of the woman sitting down, it may be safe to say that this was taken at a brothel. … Continue reading

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August 1944 – Ph. M. Baker and shipmate in Southern France

In this photograph, Jack Baker can be seen posing with what is likely one of his fellow shipmates. This is because P.M and U.S.C.G can be seen on the fellows helmet. Based on the road sign, it is likely that … Continue reading

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