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August 1944 – John Baker and French Woman in Southern France during “Operation Dragoon”

In this photograph, the namesake of this website – John “Jack” Baker can be seen getting directions from a French Woman. They are seated on the ruins of a building in Southern France after it was destroyed by German forces. … Continue reading

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August 1944 – Ammunition Ship Hit by Torpedo off Southern France

This image shows what is likely an American or German ammunition ship being hit by a torpedo off Southern France. This image was taken from the Coast Guard cutter ship USS Duane. Based on the dates when other pictures similar … Continue reading

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August 1944 – Ph. M. Baker and shipmate in Southern France

In this photograph, Jack Baker can be seen posing with what is likely one of his fellow shipmates. This is because P.M and U.S.C.G can be seen on the fellows helmet. Based on the road sign, it is likely that … Continue reading

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